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About Banana Pi

Banana Pi open source hardware community is an open source hardware project led by Guangdong Bipai Technology, and supported by Taiwan Hon Hai Technology (Foxconn). Banana Pi open source hardware series development board, complete the core system and architecture design. The development documents, software, and hardware (including schematic diagrams) are all open, the purpose is to allow all developers around the world to participate. 

Concentrating on operating the Banana Pi open source community, it has made a huge impact, now Banana Pi open source hardware products have been sold to more than 170 countries around the world, attracting millions of developers to participate in development, the BPI open source community has accumulated nearly 60 million developer visits, and mainstream open source communities officially support Banana PI Open source hardware products. After more than 10 years development, banana Pi open source hardware has formed 4 series: Single board computer series, Smart Router series, AI artificial intelligence development board series, IoT development board series, STEAM education series development board. Banana Pi also provide more than 400 kinds accessories, support nearly 200 typical commercial application cases.
Banana Pi has registered the "BPI" trademark and uses the "BPI" trademark for promotion all over the world, focus on creating the Banana Pi open source ecosystem. Now have nearly 10 corporate members join in Banana Pi community, for makers, teams, and companies who are interested in joining Banana Pi, will have trademark authorization, let’s operate and promote the community together and strive to become the first-class open source hardware community in the world.