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OpenWRT launches the OpenWrt One/AP-24.XY official board, which will be produced and distributed by the Banana Pi

Time:2024-01-16 Views:2623
OpenWrt team is gearing up to release an innovative new version, OpenWrt One/AP-24.XY, featuring MediaTek MT7981B (Filogic 820) SoC and MediaTek MT7976C dual-band Wi-Fi 6 chipset. This cutting-edge hardware has been designed in partnership with Banana Pi, who will oversee the production and distribution of the router board.

With the release of OpenWrt 23.05, over 1,800 routers and devices are now officially supported by the lightweight embedded Linux operating system. Many more are claiming to run OpenWrt through a fork of the OS, although these are not developed by the OpenWrt team. Currently, the developers have joined forces with Banana Pi to design their own router board, drawing on their experience with boards like the BPI-R4 Wi-Fi 7 router SBC. The preliminary specifications for the OpenWrt One/AP-24.XY include a MediaTek MT7981B (Filogic 820) dual-core Cortex-A53 processor @ 1.3 GHz, 1GB DDR4 system memory, and 128 MB SPI NAND flash for U-boot and Linux 4.

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