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AI/IoT/Industrial control

Banana Pi BPI-EAI80 AIoT board with Edgeless EAI80 chip design

  • CPU Dual-Cortex M4F@200MHz 500DMIPS
  • AI-NPU:CNN-NPU @300 MHz 300GOPS
  • 2D Graph :Dual-Camera Max
  • SDRAM 8M
  • LCD 1024*768 TFT-LCD
  • CANBUS 2.0 A/B
  • ESP8266 Wifi onboard
  • 40PIN GPIO (share with LCD )
  • 2 Mic support
  • Size: 86x54mm

    BPI-EAI80 AIoT board use Edgeless EAI80 chip design .it have Dual-Cortex M4F@200MHz 500DMIPS and AI-NPU:CNN-NPU @300 MHz 300GOPS. support LVDS pannel and camera interface. onboard wifi.
    Development board is equipped with CAN bus double microphone single camera USB 2.0 Type - C, 1024 * 768 resolution touch-screen TFT - LCD interface, support arousal and battery backup domain, low power consumption biggest provide 8 MB SDRAM + 32 MB SPI Nor the combination of Flash, and to provide regular cooperate ESP8266 debug the interrupt and reset, CAN realize remote control access to network resources and OTA upgrade EAI80 built-in high-performance multimedia module, image transmission channels and dedicated including aliasing fusion scale format conversionCorner detection function, such as pretreatment of audio supports up to 8 road PDM/I2S microphone, chip other functions CAN be realized through GPIO port multiplexing and simulated users and developers CAN take advantage of the MCU control the acceleration of NPU interaction, and CAN bus for industrial application before join audio and video processing and recognition ability, for the product CAN assign and sped up

    Target Applications:

    • Voice Control - Key words real-time control
    • Computer Vision - Detection & recognition of object and biology (Face, Body, Gesture), vSLAM
    • End-side AIoT - Edge computing, Info. Security,Off-line equipment control, System monitor
    • Sensor, Attendance machine, AD display, Wearable,devices, Smart unmanned retail, STEM education
    • Home & Building Automation – White goods,HVAC, Lighting, Security system, IoT gateways
    • Industrial Computing - EBS, PLCs, M2M, T&M,Auto-factory, HMI control assembly, QR/bar code
    • Motor Control & Power Conversion - VFC,FOC, 3D/thermal Printers, ADAS, UAV, Robots
    • STEAM education

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